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Home puts a shine on the holidays

Tue., Dec. 11, 2007

When December blows in, Linda Wigert is in her element.

Christmas décor, and plenty of it, takes center stage.

In the Wigert home, not one but nine large trees are decorated, each with its own theme. And don’t forget the smaller trees that grace the halls, piano, countertops and more.

This is no haphazard, cluttered look – just the opposite. This is Christmas design at its best. Linda Wigert is well-organized. She plans for each tree and room; some rooms even have the pictures on the wall changed out just for Christmastime.

“Prettier things are always available,” Wigert says, “which is why I have to rotate a few things now and then.”

Wigert has been decorating a long time. When her parents were working she started decorating for them, and she’s been hooked on it since. Her husband, Bob, says Linda’s theme is, “I never met a present I didn’t like.” And close friends and neighbors have showered her with “just a few” over the years.

The centerpiece, a gold-themed tree in the living room, is accentuated with beautifully beaded tassels, sparkly ribbons and pearled berries. This is Linda’s favorite and highlights 25 years of Danbury Mint ornaments for each year of marriage. “Every year I get a box of 12, meticulously picked out by Bob. It just makes me happy,” says Linda. The ornaments are exquisite, featuring intricately designed carousels, bird cages, lighthouses and more.

Other collections on display include Santa Claus through the ages, nutcrackers, carolers, Old World hand-blown ornaments and a set of five Stephen Lyman prints.

One of the largest trees holds ornaments painted by Wigert’s children. She calls this “the neighborly tree” since it combines all the family ornaments and those from friends.

“I just love it,” Wigert says. “A big part of Christmas is done. Now I can sit back and enjoy the holidays.”

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