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In brief: Search nets liquid heroin, assault rifle

Spokane police found a couple things Tuesday morning they don’t often see: liquid heroin and an assault rifle.

In fact, when authorities served a search warrant at 1113 W. Fifth Ave. #2, it was the first time Sgt. Tom Hendren had seen the liquid narcotic, spokeswoman Officer Jennifer DeRuwe said. Unlike common heroin, the liquid can be administered in the eye or under the tongue.

“It’s the fastest way they can get it into the bloodstream,” she said.

Detectives arrested Lonnie R. Goin Sr., 59, for possession of a controlled substance after raiding his home. Along with the liquid heroin and the SKS assault rifle, they also found “black tar” heroin and about $3,000 in cash, DeRuwe said.

To obtain the warrant, undercover detectives did a number of controlled drug purchases from Goin, she said. The large sum of money police found Tuesday suggests drug dealing, which could result in more charges against him, DeRuwe said.

The gun also was of particular concern because assault rifles are of greater danger to neighbors and police and suggest more than just drug possession, DeRuwe said.

“It’s not something you see every day, but we are seeing them more and more,” she said. “It is indicative of the crime mentality in the area. It’s scary; I mean, why do you need a gun like that?”

– Nick Eaton

Pets barred from downtown today

As with any special event, pets are not allowed downtown during today’s Fourth of July celebrations.

A 2003 city ordinance prohibits all animals – not just dogs – from the business district bordered by Monroe Street, Boone Avenue, Browne Street and Second Avenue, according to a police news release.

Spokane Fire Assistant Chief Brian Schaeffer said pets who are scared by fireworks sometimes pose a nuisance during one of the Fire Department’s busiest days. Animals can run away and sometimes bite people.

“Not a lot, but it’s happened in the past,” Schaeffer said.

He also recommended taking pictures of pets and writing down local animal control agencies’ phone numbers in case a spooked pet runs away. In Spokane, the phone number for SpokAnimal is (509) 534-8133.

– Nick Eaton


Mediator to discuss field-burning options

Idaho farmers who in the past have annually burned their fields, and a clean-air group that opposes field-burning on public health grounds, will meet separately with a dispute resolution expert on Friday.

“These are preliminary discussions to see if there’s any room for dialogue to try to find a middle ground,” said Jon Hanian, spokesman for Gov. Butch Otter. Otter has been an advocate of negotiations between the various sides on the issue. However, a federal court has stopped all field burning in Idaho while the state works on a new plan to comply with the federal Clean Air Act regarding open burning, a process that could take three years.

Duke University law professor Francis McGovern will meet separately with growers and with Sandpoint-based Safe Air For Everyone. Hanian said Otter is “hopeful something productive might come from it.”

– Betsy Z. Russell