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With these kids around, a dose of cute isn’t far away

You want cute this morning? I’ll give you cute this morning, courtesy of young mothers with blog links at Huckleberries Online, pseudonymed Mommy Dearest of the BrodH20 blog and Jen/A Butterfly Moment. On Thursday, Jen took her boys and 4-year-old nephew, Aidan, to the free movie at Riverstone Cinemas. They’d seen “Over The Hedge” before. But the operative word here is “free” (and probably “cool” given the high-90s temperatures last week). On the way home, they had the following conversation. Josh: “Mom, can we go play at the park?” Jen: “No, Josh, it’s too hot.” Josh: “Not for us.” Jen: “The news last night said stay inside. The hot weather isn’t good for kids or old people. And you’re kids and I’m old.” Josh: “You’re not old.” Aidan (not even pausing for dramatic effect): “Yeah, you’re only half old.” Mommy Dearest has two youngsters, dubbed “Boo” and “Goo” – one of each with Boo being the boy and the co-star of the following exchange: “You have to remember Friday is Pajama Day,” Boo told his mother as they were driving home from his day care Wednesday (Pajama Day being the occasional Friday in which the inmates are allowed to wear pajamas to their day care). Mommy Dearest: “OK, I’ll write it on the calendar.” Boo: “You have to remember because my brain is small. I can’t hold lots of memories.” Aw.


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