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July heat can’t compete with Kroc Center burn

In the “No good deed goes unpunished” dept., Huckleberries Online (HBO) regulars didn’t react kindly to claims by former Repub queenpin Kathy Sims and Tom Macy of Post Falls that Coeur d’Alene city officials are involved in a possible “criminal conspiracy” to build the Kroc Center. (And you thought Mayor Sandi Bloem & Co. were simply trying to provide a wunnerful recreation facility for community families. Tut. Tut.) You can find the details of this loopy allegation in Saturday’s paper. Meanwhile, 119 comments about this matter were posted at HBO during the weekend and Monday. A sampling: “I love it when politician has-beens put their credibility – and their party’s credibility – on the line in such a public way. I look forward to the public humiliation these losers will experience when their little … pet cause fails,” responded No Zags. “I find it is unfortunate when people question issues without the proper facts. However, that’s a right we all have, no matter the motives behind the questions” – John Austin. “Some of these questions of government officials seem a little choreographed at times” – MamaJD. “God forbid a city actually use its surplus for community improvement” – Idawa. Larry Spencer, a Spirit Lake area resident who has attacked the Kroc Center project repeatedly, offered dozens of comments and responses in support of Macy and Sims. Curiously, none of the conspiracy theorists above lives in CdA.

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