March 16, 2007

Players make P.A. System happen

By The Spokesman-Review

I get a lot of credit for other people’s work.

At least when it comes to The P.A. System, 7’s live music podcast with Platform Booking.

Next week marks the one-year anniversary of the podcast, an MP3 package of an interview and live performance from a different band each week with an emphasis on, but not exclusive to, local musicians.

Since launching the first episode at Rock Coffee on March 22 last year, we’ve podcasted about 120 shows – about 70 local bands and 50 touring acts.

And it’s been getting some attention. The P.A. System received some praise for innovation in journalism. 7 was named best online entertainment site in its weight class for the past two years by the Newspaper Association of America’s New Media Federation.

The real credit goes to Spokesman-Review Web guru Ryan Pitts. This whole thing was his idea, and he produces every episode. Without him this never would have happened.

And I’d never hear the end of it if I didn’t take this opportunity to big up my partner in crime, Patrick Kendrick of Platform Booking. Back when he was steering the ship on the S.S. Rock Coffee, Kendrick caught my ear by booking the most diverse lineup of music. That’s one of the main reasons we choose to link up for this podcast alliance.

Due mostly to his efforts, there is virtually no genre The P.A. System hasn’t touched – jazz, electronica, reggae, beatboxing, country, cello-driven rock – you name it, we’ve podcasted it.

Even after Rock Coffee closed, Kendrick held up his end of the bargain, booking podcasts at venues all over town.

The other most important element is, of course, the musicians. That’s who really makes the podcast.

So while the bands, Pitts and Kendrick keep this vehicle running smoothly, I’m not much more than a hood ornament.

I attend the shows, press record, ask a few basic questions, hand the information over to someone who knows what he’s doing, then I wait to download it like anybody else.

If you haven’t already, you can download new episodes every week at



Artist: Bananarama

Release date: 1986


Platform Patrick’s picks from The P.A. System:


“You get to know the guy during the set, not the interview. He has a lot of passion for experiences, good and bad. ‘I’ll eat yer lunch for dinner!’ ” (You’ll have to tune in for the explanation on that.)


“Couldn’t have started it off better. New sound to start off a new Podcast Alliance System.”


“I wish they all went like this. Close your eyes, listen and you’re there. Exactly why we set out to do this.”


“I actually learned a lot from the interview. They have been the backbone of Spokane music for a while now.”


“One of the reasons for the podcast. I did not want to miss this show, but I did. Nice to be able to go back and listen to the show online. One-man four-piece.”


“This interview had a flow to it. Seemed as though Som had known them since grade school. I have listened to it five or six times.”


“Highly entertaining live. Creative smartass. Love it. People chatter through his first couple songs, hanging on every word in the end.”

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