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Spencer Nelson initiates table tennis at Jefferson

 (The Spokesman-Review)
Nelson (The Spokesman-Review)

Sixth-grader Spencer Nelson knows how to get what he wants at Jefferson Elementary School.

Nelson was interested in starting a new activity for sixth-graders at his school and came up with a plan to start a table tennis club.

He began by writing his principal, Mary-Dean Wooley, about his ideas.

“He took the initiative,” Wooley said.

Wooley suggested that he approach the Parent-Teacher Group.

The parents had plenty of questions for Nelson. How much would it cost? Where would the tables be stored? Who would serve as advisers?

Nelson did the research and came back to the parent group ready to answer its questions. When he was finished, they agreed to buy two tables. Parent volunteers will serve as advisers.

Last Thursday morning, the first official meeting of the table tennis club was held, and Wooley said about a dozen students showed up, even though there was a cast party for the school’s variety show scheduled at the same time.

Nelson couldn’t make it, though. He was home sick that day.

“He’s just a great kid,” Wooley said.

Science presentations

Three fifth-grade students from Hallett Elementary School in Medical Lake will present what they have learned about variables to their school board.

Alexis Lessard, Molly Bryan and Cameron Tinsler will present an experiment with a bucket of water and a cup to see how many pennies the cup will hold and still float. The experiment can help the students learn about the capacities of boats.

The variables of the pennies include where they are in the cup and how many the cup can hold.

Their teacher, Carol Tyson, said the experiment was part of a larger class project that included experiments with “flippers, fliers, floaters and flingers.”

During the spring, the Medical Lake School Board meets in different buildings throughout the district. The principal asked for volunteer groups from the classes in the school.

Ferris gym grand opening

Ferris High School will celebrate the grand opening of its new gymnasium and fitness center April 9 from 9:45 to 10:30 a.m.

The ceremony will include presentations to thank the community for its support of the project. School board members and Superintendent Brian Benzel will be on hand.