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Bush marks Jamestown anniversary

JAMESTOWN, Va. – Fond of promoting the endurance of freedom, President Bush on Sunday hailed the nation’s humble beginnings as a reminder that new democracies require huge sacrifice.

“From our own history, we know the path to democracy is long and it’s hard,” Bush said in a ceremony honoring the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, America’s first permanent English colony.

“There are many challenges, and there are setbacks along the way,” Bush said. “Yet we can have confidence in the outcome because we’ve seen freedom’s power to transform societies.”

Virginia has thrown major Jamestown celebrations every 50 years, but this one has given more recognition to three cultures – English, African and Indian – to tell a fuller story. Indians lost their land during the settlement, and Africans were eventually forced into slavery.

“Their story is a part of the story of Jamestown,” Bush said.


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