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Motto ware preserves memories

I have a friend who has a new baby boy. Lucky friend. Lucky boy.

Shopping for a gift for the new baby was fun. But then it’s always fun to shop for baby gifts. Who can resist tiny gowns, soft booties and snuggly blankets?

I was practical. I purchased a soft blue gown, something that will keep the new baby warm and comfortable while he naps. But, because I think everyone ought to have a vintage treasure or two, I put a little something extra in the package.

I remembered seeing a little motto cup, decorated with the words “For a Good Boy” at a local antique shop recently.

Motto ware was a popular gift around the turn of the last century. Tea cups and mugs were embossed with phrases like, “Remember Me,” or “A gift.” Many were hand painted and elaborately decorated.

They were popular souvenirs and were sold at gift stores and tourist stops.

Now, they are sentimental reminders of a more decorative age. Most pieces are relatively inexpensive, and I find them hard to resist. I pick them up often to fill with treats like bath salts and truffles and give to my friends on special occasions.

When my friend’s baby arrived I went back and picked up the little cup. Tucked next to the baby blue gown I thought it captured exactly what I wanted to say:

Welcome little one.


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