Achievements: Musicfest selects top recitals

The 69th annual Musicfest Northwest continues through today. Below is a continuation of Musicfest’s results. CA denotes Certificate of Award.


Brass Division

Class 4, Solo (Grades 9-10): CA, Gold, Logan Villarreal; CA, Silver, Anthony Porter; CA, Kellan Smith, Mallory Morgan.

Class 101, Ensemble (Open to Grades 5 through College): CA, Gold, Musicfest Horn Quartet: Greg Knuth, Adelle Goettel, Jeffrey Burkert, Laura Collins; CA, Silver, Central Valley Horn Quartet: Mallory Morgan, Becca Harvey, Greg Knuth, Skylar Belfry.

Class 3, Solo (Grades 6-8): CA, Gold, Victoria Karschney; CA, Silver, Philip Siler; CA, Joshua Latimer.

Class 5, Solo (Grades 11-12): CA, Gold, Adelle Goettel; CA, Silver, Kaleb Fergin.

Class 9, Solo-Sonata (Grades 11-12): CA, Gold, Kurt Marcum.

Class 8, Sonata-Concerto (Grades 11-12): CA, Gold, Jeffrey Burkert; CA, Silver, Maggie Capwell.

Class 1, Young Artist: CA, Andrea Charette-Bluff.


Voice Division

Class 4, Solo (Grade 7): CA, Gold, Brenna Fenney; CA, Silver, Keith Meline.

Class 17, Italian (Grades 7-8): CA, Silver, Carlos Hernandez.

Class 5, Solo (Grade 8): CA, Silver, Benjamin Bartels, Kenzy Rex.

Class 24, Musical Theater (Grades 7-8): CA, Gold, Hunter Klaue; CA, Silver, Benjamin Bartels.

Class 1, Young Artist: CA, Gold, Young Artist, Theresa Dunigan; CA, Gold, Molly Mason.


Ballet Division

Class 3, Adjudication, Junior B: CA, Kelsey Piva.

Class 2, Adjudication, Junior A: CA, Gold, Kelly Prather.

Flute Division

Class 5.1, Solo (Grade 11): CA, Gold, Katie Rutland; CA, Silver, Annelise Grobey, Kaela Mansfield.

Class 7.1, Sonata – Concerto (Grade 9): CA, Silver, Kevin Madson.

Class 101, Ensemble (Open to Grades 5 through College): CA, Gold, Enterprise MS Flute Duet: Hannah Hatchell, Selina Wang; CA, Silver, Watkins Duo: Claire Watkins, Meghan Watkins.

Class 9.1, Solo – Sonata (Grades 7-8): CA, Silver, Hannah Hatchell.

Class 3.3, Solo (Grade 8): CA, Gold, Selina Wang; CA, Silver, Cecily Wilson.

Organ Division

Class 7, Bach (College and Adult): CA, Gold, Bethany Miller; CA, Silver, J Albar Howe.

Class 10, Romantic (College and Adult): CA, Gold, Joe Sartori; CA, Silver, J Albar Howe.

Class 13, Contemporary (College and Adult): CA, Gold, Kristopher Wettstein; CA, Silver, Joe Sartori.

Piano Division

Class 25.1, Romantic (Grade 11): CA, Bold, Kim Ingebritsen; CA, Silver, Edward Liu, Timothy Krippner; CA, Alexander Scott, Annette Olivares, Anna Marie Schaefer, Gregory Doornink, Houston Hough, Paul Adams, Lori Bourgeous, Jonathan Everett, Carissa Martin.

Class 65, Open (Grades 4-6): CA, Sam Dailey, Erin Harbaugh, John Cutshall, Michael Waitt.

Class 8, Concerto (Grades 7-8): CA, Gold, Selina Wang; CA, Silver, Elise Kinne; CA, Jim-Isaac Chua, Michael Zhang.

Class 24.2, Romantic (Grade 10): CA, Gold, Nina Black; CA, Silver, Janet Hong; CA, Lydia Michel, Annika Westre, Helen Chen, Jilene Chua, Rose Gay.

Class 40.1, 20th Century (Grade 9): CA, Gold, Jack Joseph Sandberg; CA, Silver, Helen Yuan; CA, Bryce Fager, Andrew Scott, Elizabeth Foster.

Class 23.2, Romantic (Grade 8): CA, Gold, Jim-Isaac Chua; CA, Silver, Selina Wang, Elise Kinne; CA, Michael Zhang, Dongyang Chen, Teddy Brow, Natasha Black, Patrick Loftus, Sean Dvorak, Aleksander Black, Yihao Jiang.

Class 49, Quick Study (Elementary): CA, Gold, Alex Zhu; CA, Silver, Pingbo Zhou.

Class 55, Sight Reading (Lower Intermediate): CA, Silver, David Yuan.

Class 68, Open (Grades 11-12): CA, Samuel Thomas.

Class 31.1, Haydn or Mozart Sonata (Grade 9): CA, Gold, Deborah Reeves; CA, Silver, Kaitlyn McCraw; CA, Helen Yuan, Taylor Colvin, Janeczka Marcum, Kylie Pybus, Sadie Peterson, Kelsey McQuilkin, Ashley Ward.

Class 64, Open (Grades 1-3): CA, Christiana Tebbs, Alexandria Sowers, Ricky Sato, Emma Clawson, Luke Shimanuki.

Class 73.2 Sonata (Grade 8): CA, Gold, Selina Wang; CA, Silver, Natasha Black; CA, Hannah Morgan, Nuwan Ariyawansa, Scott Strong, Emily Robeson, Teddy Brow.

Reed Division

Class 7, Sonata - Concerto (Grades 9-10): CA, Silver, Jacueline Johnson.

Class 8, Sonata – Concerto (Grades 11-12): CA, Gold, Alicia Kippes; CA, Silver, Brendan McElligott.

Class 101, Ensemble (Grades 5- College): CA, Gold, Whitworth Saxophone Quartet (Nathanael Ankeny, Dave Weaver, Isaac Dye, Matt Walsh); CA, Silver, Two Sate English Horn Quartet (Scott Birks, Alicia Kippes, Brendan McElligott, Kendra Ankrum).

String Division

Class 2, Solo, Level 1: CA, Gold, Emily Schueller, Dong-Gyun Kim; CA, Silver, Sydney Bader, Madeline Mixter, Katie Chase, Priscilla Kong.

Class 11, Open Concerto (Grades 7-8): CA, Yaoyi Xiao, Jessica Latimer, Heidi Spady, Dana Thompson, Tony Wang.

Class 17, Open Unaccaompanied Bach, Open: CA, Elizabeth Kim, Brooke Coleman, Emily McGuire, Julia Riegel, Gavin Scoles, Madeline Greeley.

Class 28, Open (Grades 9-10): CA, Jisoo Han, Rachel Hughes, Christina Jordan, Caelyn Kelly-Fleisher, Zach Alden, Philip Keeve, Madeline Greeley.

Class 26, Open (Intermediate, Grades 4-6): CA, Viktor Black, Heidi Bancroft, Sophie Saurette, Drew Keeve, Emily Field, Dong-Gyun Kim.

Voice Division

Class 8, Solo (Grade 11): CA, Gold, Jennifer Davis, Jacob Woodbrey; CA, Silver, Sarah Bennett, Danielle Englyng, Michelle Tanner.

Class 13, German (Ages 18 and Older, Advanced): CA, Gold, Banner Smith.

Class 21, Sacred: CA, Silver, Oscar A Foster.

Class 9, Solo (Grade 12): CA, Gold, Emily Autrey, Breanna Edwards; CA, Silver, Daniel Craig, Caroline Kraft, Rachel Ladines, Christopher Lamb.

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