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Musicfest announces top placers

Tue., May 22, 2007

The 69th annual Musicfest Northwest included talent of all ages, in dance and music. The competition concluded on Friday. Below are the results for May 13, 15 and 16. CA denotes Certificate of Award.

Sunday Brass Division

Class 9, Solo-Sonata (Grades 11-12): Selected for Festival Highlights, Maggie Capwell.

Tuesday Ballet Division

Class 2, Adjudication, Junior A: Adjudicators Choice, Kelly Prather.

Organ Division

Class 7, Bach (College and Adult): Adjudicator’s Choice, Bethany Miller.

Class 10, Romantic (College and Adult): Adjudicator’s Choice, Joe Sartori.

Class 13, Contemporary (College and Adult): Adjudicator’s Choice, Kristopher Wettstein.

Piano Division

Class 24.1, Romantic (Grade 9): CA, Gold, Helen Yuan; CA, Silver, Melissa Ang; CA, Sheri Tao, Bryce Fager, Sadie Peterson, Inan Harsh.

Class 15.1, Baroque (Grade 9): CA, Gold, Elizabeth Field; CA, Silver, Cameron Nemeth, McKenzie Momany; CA, Ashley Ward, Bryce Fager, Emily Everett, Jordan Hardy, Elizabeth Foster, Bonnie Alford, Alisa Jones.

Class 34, Beethoven Sonata (Grade 9-10): CA, Gold, Cameron Nemeth; CA, Silver, Lingbo Tong; CA, Lydia Michel, Sheri Tao, Emily Artzis, Elizabeth Field.

Wednesday Ballet Division

Class 1, Adjudication, Senior: Adjudicators Choice, Amanda Cochrane.

Reed Division

Class 9, Solo – Sonata (Grades 11-12): CA, Silver, Adjudicators Choice, Lauren Camp.

Class 3, Solo (Grades 6-8): CA, Gold, Kayla Hatchell; CA, Silver, Nicholas Hendryx.

Class 4, Solo (Grades 9-10): CA, Gold, Amanda Johnson.

String Division

Class 25, Open, Intermediate (Through Grade 3): CA, Tom Luftus, Danek Black.

Class 26, Open, Intermediate (Grades 4-6): Elizabeth Guzman, Angela Lee, Kathryn Moore, Tran (Sunny) Nguyen.

Class 21, String-Piano Sonata: CA, Gold, Adjudicators Choice, Isaac Pastor-Chermak; CA, Gold, Emily Holmes.

Class 10, Open Concerto (Grades 4-6): CA, Emma Browse, Connor Giu, Colene Michael.

Class 19, String-Piano Sonata (Grades 9-12): CA, Hillary Landers.

Class 11, Open Concerto (Grades 7-8): CA, Ceitleen Albertson.

Class 13, Open Concerto (Grades 11-12): CA, Michelle Sutherland.

Class 7, Concerto, Level 2: CA, Gold, Hannah Young, Eun-song Koh, Emily Witthuhn; CA, Silver, Shawn Kim, David Stoury.

Class 102, Chamber Music (Grades 9-12): CA, The Local Olive (Joy Adams, Julia Riegel), Woodruff Duo (Jonathan Woodruff, Michael Woodruff).

Class 103, Chamber Music (College): CA, Dolce Duo (Karmen Morlock, Heather Smiley).

Voice Division

Class 15, British and American 20th Century Composer (Ages 18 and Older, Advanced): CA, Silver, Tara Swanson.

Class 26, Musical Theater (Grades 11-12): CA, Gold, Sarah Bennett; CA, Silver, Emily Autrey, Lauren Randolph.

Class 27, Musical Theater (College and Adult): CA, Gold, Mandy Shumski.

Class 10, Solo (College): CA, Gold, Jana Melchior, Courtney Vanwinkle; CA, Silver, Stephane Bisignani, Shad Gallaway, Mollie McComb; CA, Rhiannon Harding.

Class 2, Open Aria, Young Aria (Ages 18-24): CA, Gold, Shannon Baker; CA, Silver, Stephen Yow.

Class 3, Open Aria: CA, Gold, Carisa Simpson; CA, Silver, Theresa Henderson.

More Musicfest results will run in a future Achievement columns.


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