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Campaign gifts reported

Thu., Nov. 1, 2007

Almost half of Coeur d’Alene City Council candidate Dan Gookin’s campaign donations are from outside the city limits, including eight contributions from California addresses.

Gookin, a technical writer of “Dummies” computer books, said the wide range of contributions lends credibility to his claim of being able to work with people. He said the money is mostly from family and co-workers in the publishing business and doesn’t fit the stigma of “out-of-state” influence.

“It shows I’ve made connections with so many people that believe in me and trust me,” said Gookin, whose latest finance report shows that he has raised a total of $4,091, including $1,618 for the period between Oct. 1 and Oct. 21. That makes him the third top fundraiser so far in the campaign.

Councilman Ron Edinger, who is vying against Gookin in Tuesday’s election, has raised the most money of the eight candidates who have submitted finance reports this period. Second-highest is Councilman Al Hassell. Three candidate reports aren’t yet available. In Post Falls, Linda Wilhelm has the largest war chest with $3,786.

Edinger, a former mayor and the longest-serving council member, with 33 years of service, has raised a total of $5,736, including $3,273 this period. Of Edinger’s money, seven of the donations are from outside the city limits, including a $250 contribution from Waste Management of Houston.

“I think the people who have donated want to continue to see good government,” Edinger said. “There are a lot of new people who have come to Coeur d’Alene. You’ve got to get your message out to them.”

Candidates in all Idaho municipal elections had to file or mail their finance reports by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Here’s a rundown of candidate finances in the two other Coeur d’Alene city council races:

“Councilman Al Hassell has raised $4,368 toward his re-election campaign and spent $1,195 with $3,172 on hand.

“Chris Patterson has spent his entire $1,428 fund.

“Jerry Weaver donated $571 to his own campaign, all of which has been spent.

“John Bruning raised $2,672, spent $16, but owes $3,520 with only $2,668 on hand.

“Susie Snedaker collected $2,037, spent $508 and has $1,528 on hand.

“Anita Banta collected $752, including a $502 personal loan. She has $250 on hand.

Reports for candidates Wayne Frisbie, Joseph Kunka and Jim Brannon weren’t available Wednesday.

In Post Falls, Linda Wilhelm continues to lead the pack of eight City Council candidates in fundraising.

She’s raised $3,786, including $900 that came in between Oct. 1 and 21. After $2,469 in expenses, she counts $1,317 in her war chest.

Behind her, in descending order are:

“Kristy Reed Johnson with $2,691; $725 this term; expenditures of $1,448 and $1,243 on hand.

“Skip Hissong, total of $2,595; $2,198 during the second reporting period; expenditures of $2,027 and $568 on hand.

“Kerri Thoreson, total $2,084; $990 last month; $1,432 in expenditures and $652 remaining.

“Jack Evans received $2,070; $1,070 this period; spent $1,353 to leave $717.

“Anthony Skarisky collected $1,063; $1,000 recently; spent all $1,063.

“Angela Alexander reported $1,044, $910 recently; spent $418 with $626 left.

“Keith Hutcheson, $864 collected; $400 recently; spent $164 for a $700 balance.


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