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‘Back to You’ promises big laughs

Tonight’s must-see

“Back to You,” 8 p.m., Fox.

In its glory days, “Frasier” produced perfect farces, with every character in mid-chaos.

That’s what Kelsey Grammer’s new show does tonight. There are hilarious moments.

Gracie is celebrating her 11th birthday, planned by her mom Kelly (Patricia Heaton). Chuck (Grammer) is offended, as usual. Only he and Kelly know that he’s Gracie’s dad; he grumbles that Kelly does everything.

Soon, the entire dysfunctional staff is at the party. So is a raccoon. These guys are not great raccoon-wranglers, so there are some large laughs.

Tonight’s might-see

“Project Runway” season-opener, 10 p.m., Bravo. Who knew a foot race would be crucial to a designer? The 15 designers must dash to tents bearing expensive fabrics. One overweight contestant barely makes it and is lucky to get the one he wanted.

What follows is a sharp contrast between play-it-safe people and risk-takers. You’ll quickly be choosing favorites.

The previous season’s two-part finale precedes at 8.

Other choices include

“Pushing Daisies,” 8 p.m., ABC. Tonight’s murder victim was both a polygamist and a dog-breeder. Ned must sort out the possible murder motives.

“Phenomenon,” 8 p.m., NBC. There are six mentalists left. In tonight’s live show, three will be eliminated and the others will perform. Then viewers decide who will be the winner.

” ‘Til Death,” 8:30 p.m., Fox. Let’s say you have new, his-and-hers reading lamps and only one works. Which one is broken, his or hers? That leads to a moderately funny episode that has a few strong moments.

“Private Practice,” 9 p.m., ABC. Romantic tangles at the office: Pete and Addison are in love, Violet and Cooper are in lust. Meanwhile, Sam has a dangerous assignment.

“Life,” 10 p.m., NBC. While working on a case, Crews finds that he’s a murder suspect again. The detective who helped wrongly convict him, has been found slain.


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