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Bus commute unrealistic

Sat., Nov. 17, 2007

Many people regularly travel Bigelow Gulch to and from work in the Valley or the North Side of Spokane. There’s a continuous line of vehicles regularly speeding along this route.

Several persons in our office live near the park-and-ride lots at Five Mile and University and could benefit by bus service traveling between these park-and-ride lots.

It seems logical that a route connecting the Five Mile and University lots along Francis, Bigelow Gulch and Argonne-Mullan Roads would reduce the cars on the road.

Such a route would be beneficial even if it only operated for two three-hour long peaks in the a.m. and p.m. periods. It would also serve the many new businesses here and complement other routes that presently feed passengers to the park-and-ride lots.

I am a 27-year bus user and accustomed to the numerous cross-town-not-through- downtown routes I’ve ridden in Denver and Salt Lake but not in Spokane.

Spokane’s air, streets – and I – would enjoy avoiding my current drive of 22 miles daily. But my new job doesn’t allow me five hours on the bus to daily maneuver through your complex of transfers required and still spend nine to 10 hours at the office.

David Boleneus



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