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Overloaded power strips cause in fires

SATURDAY, NOV. 17, 2007

This week the Spokane Valley Fire Department saw a total of 193 calls including answering to overloaded power strips, fallen electrical lines and car that cut it too close to train tracks.

Spokane Valley Fire Department answered five structure fire calls within the week of Nov. 8-14, many a result of overloaded power strips. Just because your power strip has the plugs, doesn’t mean you can use them all, said Valley Fire spokesman Bill Clifford.

Fallen power lines were another cause of the structure fires. Fallen power lines should be treated as a live wire and reported immediately, Clifford said.

Ten calls were fire alarms, mostly false alarms or malfunctioning systems. One alarm was set off by a pile of oily rags. Clifford reminds residents not to group together rags used for varnishing or staining because they can spontaneously combust. Keep them separate, or submerge them in water, Clifford said.

Fire fighters answered a call about a woman who had stopped too close to the train tracks near Wellesley Avenue and Arden Road. The train took off her bumper but she and the two children in her car were not hurt.

Other calls for the week included a hazardous materials call, 11 motor vehicle accidents, 158 EMS calls and six service calls. Five of the six service calls were for people who were either locked out of their house, or had children locked in a running car.


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