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Prop 1 just a start

Sat., Nov. 17, 2007, midnight

With 68 percent voter approval of Propostion 1 in Spokane, a strong message has been sent to our community. It’s very rare that a property tax measure passes with this level of support. What are we to take from it?

Clearly the citizens of Spokane recognize the benefits associated with sports and recreation facilities. They understand the importance of providing opportunities for our children to develop healthy lifestyles built around sport and recreation.

Spokane voters have sent a clear message; “sport and recreation is a critical element in our quality of life worthy of public investment.”

Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg and the development of additional facilities still needs to be addressed. A regional indoor aquatics facility, additional multi-use sports fields and more gym space must be developed in order to meet the growing demand - especially to support youth programs.

Proposition 1 was a reasonable, thoughtful plan reflective of the needs of the citizens of Spokane. But we cannot stop here; we must continue to develop additional sports and recreation facilities. Proven with Proposition 1, voters will support good ideas and good projects.

Eric Sawyer,

Executive Director Spokane Regional Sports Commission


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