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Lottery numbers

Saturday’s Washington Daily Game: 3-2-7

Saturday’s Washington Lotto: 13-14-15-18-24-30

No winner. Next jackpot: $2.6 million.

Saturday’s Washington Keno: 2-4-7-8-



Saturday’s Hit 5: 9-11-22-29-37

One winner. Next jackpot: $100,000.

Saturday’s Powerball: 17-27-49-52-53

Power Ball: 23

Saturday’s Wild Card: 4-6-23-29-31. Wild Card: J♥

Saturday’s Montana Cash: 3-5-29-32-36

Today in history

1903: The United States gained the rights to build the Panama Canal in a treaty with Panama.

1928: Walt Disney’s first sound-synchronized animated cartoon, “Steamboat Willie” starring Mickey Mouse, premiered in New York.

1978: California Congressman Leo J. Ryan and four other people were killed in Jonestown, Guyana, by members of the Peoples Temple; the killings were followed by a night of mass murder and suicide by more than 900 cult members.

2002: U.N. arms inspectors returned to Iraq after a four-year hiatus, calling on Saddam Hussein’s government to cooperate with their search for weapons of mass destruction.


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