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Weather Extremes

Tue., Nov. 20, 2007

For the week of Nov. 11 through 17, there were 109 weather records tied or broken. Like last week and many other weeks, most of the extremes were warm. There were 61 high temperature records and 26 low maximum extremes. There were only 3 low temperatures records, 16 precipitation extremes and 3 snowfall records.

All high temperature extremes were observed west of the Mississippi River. On Nov. 11, Amarillo and Galveston, Texas, reported a high of 81 degrees. It was unseasonably warm in the central U.S. on Nov. 12. Burlington, Kan., had a record high of 79 degrees while Goodland, Kan., soared to a record 80 degrees.

Temperatures were very warm in Southern California. On Nov. 13, Fullerton observed a record 93 degrees. Normally mild Long Beach reached 89 degrees. The record warmth in that region continued as Santa Ana, Calif., reported an extreme of 91 degrees on Thursday.

A few record lows occurred in the Southeast. On Friday, Vicksburg, Miss., plunged to a frigid 24 degrees. Apalachicola, Fla., dipped to a record 34 degrees Saturday.

Rainfall records were reported in the West and in the East. Caribou, Maine, recorded 1.72 inches of moisture Thursday and 1.22 inches Friday. Seattle reported 1.09 inches Thursday. Alaska reported record snowfall as 12.9 inches was observed in Valdez on Nov. 13.


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