Jordin accused again


When Spokane landlord Arlin Jordin was convicted last year of one count of second-degree rape and indecent liberties – after accusations from dozens of women that he’d drugged and raped them – his attorneys persuaded a judge to let him stay free on a $100,000 bond pending an appeal.

But Jordin violated the terms of his release on Sept. 20 by inviting an apartment-hunting young woman to his place and offering her a cup of Jack Daniel’s bourbon, according to documents filed Monday in Spokane County Superior Court. The woman became woozy and tried to flee, but Jordin kissed her before unbolting the door, according to police reports.

Jordin, 60, faces a 9 a.m. hearing today in Superior Court Judge Neal Q. Rielly’s courtroom, where Deputy Prosecuting Attorney John E. Love will ask that Jordin be taken into custody.

Attached to the new revocation motion are Spokane Police Department reports that say Jordin invited the woman over to his residence after viewing some apartments he had for rent. She “was offered a drink of Jack Daniel’s and she saw a full bottle of Jack Daniel’s in a cabinet in the defendant’s residence,” according to the court documents.

One of the conditions of Jordin’s release in August 2006 was that he was not allowed to possess or consume alcohol.

The woman is named in the police reports, but The Spokesman-Review does not identify alleged or confirmed sexual assault victims.

Jordin’s attorney, Carl E. Hueber, said he’ll try to argue at today’s hearing for more time to prepare his case. Hueber has been handling Jordin’s appeal, where briefs have been submitted but oral arguments have not yet been scheduled.

“I think I’m entitled to a little more time, and I hope the judge will grant it,” Hueber said late Tuesday.

Jordin has maintained his innocence in the 2004 rape of a woman who told police she blacked out after accepting drinks from him and believes she was drugged. He was convicted on May 11, 2006.

In the incident that allegedly occurred last month, Detective Janelle Pogachar of the Police Department’s sexual assault unit interviewed the young woman on Sept. 28. “She said she saw an ad in The Spokesman-Review for apartments and she was looking for an apartment, as her lease is up in November,” the police report says.

The woman called Jordin and set up an appointment at his apartment at 1827 W. Ninth Ave. Jordin gave her a cup of coffee and chatted with her about her work as a barista before showing her three apartments in the building. He offered to show her other apartments across town later in the afternoon and she agreed, the report said.

After drinking green tea with Jordin at a bakery on 14th Avenue, the woman said she began to feel “a bit funny.” They went back to his apartment, where he gave her more coffee. After driving around in his convertible and looking at several other apartments, he asked her to return to his place for some rental application paperwork.

Jordin then asked her if she’d like a cup of Jack Daniel’s, but she refused, the report says.

While sitting on the couch, the young woman said, “she felt dizzy, woozy and light headed, like her head was not attached to her body,” and she told Jordin that she needed to go work out. Jordin offered to show her his workout machine in his back bedroom, where she got dizzier, the report says.

A second report by police Officer Sean Wheeler said the woman told him she realized while standing by the workout machine that her dizziness wasn’t an accident, and that she thought to herself, “I’m being drugged.”

Back in the living room, Jordin leaned closer and touched her arm, continuing to try to persuade her to have a drink, the report said. She grabbed her purse and got up to go, but when she tried to open the door, she found it was dead-bolted, the detective’s report says.

Jordin came up behind her, kissed her on the cheek and said, “It’s really nice to meet you.”

The woman told the police she continued to feel sick for the rest of night and had “never felt this hung over, even when she had an excessive amount of alcohol to drink.”

When the owner of the coffee shop where the young woman works learned of her encounter with Jordin, “it was suggested that she make a police report,” the detective’s report says. She also went to Holy Family Hospital, where a urine sample was taken.

The prosecutor’s motion also contains an incident report from Sept. 10, when COPS Southwest got a complaint from a father that his 13-year old daughter had reported a stranger in a gold convertible offered her a ride downtown as she walked in the 600 block of South Ash. The middle-school student was interviewed by police. Her father said when she refused to get in the man’s car, the driver then approached a woman nearby, left his phone number and said his name was Arlin.

The police linked the phone number to Jordin’s address and also ran his license plate, which identified his vehicle as a gold 2003 Lexus convertible. Pogachar turned the information over to the prosecutor’s office.


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