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Candidate finances shared

THURSDAY, OCT. 11, 2007

Al Hassell and Dan Gookin are the top two fundraisers so far in Coeur d’Alene’s City Council races, according to campaign financial disclosure reports.

Candidates in all Idaho municipal elections were required to file or mail their fundraising reports by 5 p.m. Wednesday. Figures reflect activities through Sept. 30.

Here’s the rundown on seven of 11 City Council candidates whose reports were available Wednesday:

“Hassell collected $3,333, spent $10 with $3,323 cash on hand.

“Gookin raised $2,473, spent $904 and had $1,569 remaining.

“Wayne Frisbie, $978, spent $628, $350 left.

“Susan Snedaker, $944, spent $92, $852 in the bank.

“John Bruning, $603, spent $16 and has $587.

“Jerry Weaver, $280 and spent it all.

“Jim Brannon, $247, all of which remains in his account.

Not yet in are statements from council candidates Ron Edinger, Anita Banta, Joseph Kunka or Chris Patterson.

In neighboring Post Falls, Linda Wilhelm is the most successful fundraiser of the eight City Council candidates. She raised $2,806, spent $1,996 and has $810 on hand.

Behind her, in descending order, are:

“Kristy Reed Johnson with $2,360, expenditures of $194 and $2,166 on hand.

“Kerri Thoreson, $1,094, no expenditures.

“Jack Evans received $1,000, still on hand.

“Angela Alexander reported $1,162, spent $916 and has $246 left.

“Skip Hissong, $475, expenses of $79 and $396 on hand.

“Keith Hutcheson, $465, expenditures of $165 and $300 remaining.

“Anthony Skarisky collected $150, spent $87 and has $63 in cash.

In Rathdrum’s two-man mayoral race, the front-runner in fundraising is Ken Hayes.

He counted $2,315 in donations, which he has already used for his campaign.

“Vic Holmes raised $1,663 and has spent all of it on the race.


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