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The Falls

Telling even a fraction of the truth is so rare in politics these days that it seems naïve even to mention it. But we’ve been struck lately by the extreme care taken in the naming of political fundraising groups.

If a group is called Citizens for Quality Health Care, you can be sure it’s mostly doctors and hospitals.

People for Quality Education? Look for big donations from teachers’ unions.

Then there’s Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates, formed to raise money against Referendum 67. The referendum would allow triple damages against insurance companies who improperly reject a claim.

Just who are these consumers so opposed to higher insurance rates? Insurance companies, of course. (Self-interest cuts both ways: Most donors to Approve 67 are lawyers.)

Here are a few of the biggest donors to the “consumer” group, according to state filings, and the depth of their commitment to keeping your rates low:

State Farm: $1.3 million.

Farmers Group: $912,600

All State: $855,210

Safeco: $651,300