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Vase retains beauty, value

At more than 60 years old, this vase is now worth $200.
 (The Spokesman-Review)
At more than 60 years old, this vase is now worth $200. (The Spokesman-Review)

Dear Collector,

I’ve had this Roseville piece for sixty or more years. Could you please tell me what it is worth?

Your basket vase was manufactured in 1946 and is currently worth $200.

Dear Collector,

My grandmother collected “Jule Aften” plates and gave me the one from 1957 which is the year my mother was born. Is it valuable?

A tradition since 1885, when Danish potters Bing and Grondahl produced their first “Christmas Eve” plate, which is now worth nearly $5,000. Your more contemporary collectible is listed at $100 plus, but can be found on eBay for considerably less.

Dear Collector,

I am interested in knowing if this painting by Leo Whelan titled “The Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Ireland” is of any value? It has been in my family as long as I can remember.

Painted in 1933 by Irish portraitist Leo Whelan (1892-1956), the original was presented to Pope Pius XI, and now, I assume, resides in the Vatican. Auction results for Whelan show prices exceeding $10,000. Prints of this picture are still being offered for $200.

Dear Collector,

While rummaging through a box of papers at a local flea market I found a letter dated 1894 with the six-cent postage stamp “Columbus Welcomed at Barcelona.” Is this stamp worth more than face value?

Reproduced from a bronze panel on the doors of the Capitol in Washington, this stamp was one of a set called the “Columbian” series. Value on your philatelic curio in canceled condition is about $20.

Dear Collector,

I have a Porky Pig bank that my antique collector friend swears is from the 1930s. If it is that old, how much would it be worth?

I found a bisque bank from 1936 that has a high value of $150.

Dear Collector,

The radio in the enclosed photos was found on a neighbor’s trash. I took it home, replaced two tubes (for a cost of $8), and now it works just fine. Was my investment worth it?

Known as the “Cotillion”, your B615 model Zenith table top in grey case is worth about $50. Examples of this 1957 radio in yellow or green are worth slightly more.

Dear Collector,

We don’t need to know how much our dish is worth, but we would appreciate knowing its background, so that we can leave a history of it for our kids.

There’s a lot of history in this Thomas Mayer earthernware charger made in the Staffordshire town of Longport. According to its backstamp (an identifying mark used by potters), the year of manufacture was between 1826 and 1838.

Dear Collector,

This old electric clock was in my parent’s bedroom for years. Now that they’re gone, I’d like to know something about it.

When purchased new in the early 1940s, this Telechron, a General Electric company, sold for less than $7. Labeled as the “Guest,” it’s now listed at $75.

Dear Collector,

I have a setting for twelve of this Shelley china, plus all the serving pieces. Can you put an approximate value on everything?

Since most references value these sets piece by piece, it would take too much time (and effort, of course) to compile an inventory. I will try to give you an answer on one or two items if you wish to write again.


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