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Weather Extremes

TUESDAY, OCT. 30, 2007

For the week of Oct. 21 through 27, there were an impressive 255 records broken. Most of the extremes were high temperatures, with a total of 117. There were 22 low-temperature records and 56 precipitation extremes.

Many of the high-temperature records were felt in the West and the East. In Southern California, where a massive firestorm was partly the result of strong Santa Ana winds and record heat, highs soared to a record 99 degrees in Santa Ana, Fullerton and Costa Mesa on Oct. 23. The mercury hit an extreme 101 degrees at Wild Animal Park in San Diego on Wednesday.

Extreme weather was also felt in the Northwest. On Wednesday, Coeur d’Alene had a record high of 73 degrees. On Friday morning, about 36 hours later, Coeur d’Alene dropped to a record low of 22 degrees. It was even colder at Boundary Dam, Wash., as the mercury dipped to 17 degrees Friday. Laramie, Wyo., reported a frigid 6 degrees Oct. 22.

Record rains were primarily seen in the eastern portions of the U.S. but not over the drought-stricken regions. New Orleans reported an impressive 6.07 inches of moisture Oct. 22. Lexington, Ky., measured 4.33 inches Oct. 23.

In Montana, there was one report of record snow. Four inches of the white stuff was measured in White Sulfur Springs on Friday.


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