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Lottery numbers

Monday’s Lotto: 22-33-39-42-45-49.

No winner. Next jackpot: $3.1 million.

Monday’s Washington Daily Game: 9-1-7.

Monday’s Washington Keno: 11-12-13- 14-15-23-29-31-34-40-46-48-51- 54-58-63-65-73-74-77.

Monday’s Hit 5: 09-12-13-26-33.

One winner. Next jackpot: $100,000.

Today in history

1781: Los Angeles was founded by Spanish settlers.

1957: Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus used Arkansas National Guardsmen to prevent nine black students from entering all-white Central High School in Little Rock.

1971: An Alaska Airlines jet crashed near Juneau, killing 111 people.

2006: “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, 44, died after a stingray’s barb pierced his chest.


Top stories in Spokane

Before the falls: Spokane and the history of river cities

The falls are beautiful, they’re powerful and they’re the reason for the city. Spokane is one of a small number of American cities that have falling water in their hearts, and it’s no accident. The reasons for a city are many, but chief among them is water – for drinking, for transportation, for industry and, most recently, for beauty.