September 18, 2007 in Home

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Cheryl-anne Millsap The Spokesman-Review

I sat down to look at the glossy magazine that had arrived in the day’s mail. As I flipped through the pages, admiring the fabulous homes, I noticed something. Five houses were profiled in the magazine, And the rooms in each house that was featured were painted green. Each house had a different palette, different shades and hues, but they all shared the same color.

I put the magazine down and walked into the kitchen. Sitting on the counter was a gallon of paint ready to put on my kitchen walls. Green. A soft, mossy green. Beside that was a paint manufacturer’s color wheel open to a deep, dark green, a color I was considering for the study, and information about more environmentally friendly paint.

The next night I was at a dinner party admiring the host’s new home. He’d just painted the interior – you guessed it – green.

I’m no design expert, but I see a trend.

Green is in.

Color, like anything in fashion, comes in and out of style. The mauves and blues of the 1980s gave way to the neutrals of the 90s. And now, edging out of another decade, we’re all going green.

It isn’t just about color. Green is a lifestyle, too. It’s a point of view and frame of mind.

It may be a subconscious thing, but perhaps – on some level – we understand that by painting the rooms around us in one of nature’s most dominant shades, we can be reminded every day to live more natural and organic lives.

This week in Home

One of the first landmarks many visitors and new residents to the area see is the Arbor Crest Cliff House. It sits high on a hillside perched over Spokane Valley and invites questions. The house, its history and contemporary life as tasting room, is our cover feature.

In this week’s Urban Style feature, Amy Klamper brings us the story of a trio of very urban architects who, by opening the entire front wall of the business, make themselves a part of the city. And Megan Cooley, Home’s new green living reporter, has good advice for going green as you get the children back in school

This time of year, with summer fading fast, there’s a lot going on right outside the door.

Like I said, I’m no expert. But if bringing the green indoors helps keep what is outdoors healthy, well, that’s a trend to embrace.

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