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Lottery numbers

Wednesday’s Wash. Daily Game: 4-2-4.

Wed. Lotto: 5-8-9-15-31-45.

No winner. Next jackpot: $4.7 million.

Wednesday’s Keno: 5-10-12-14-17- 20-23-29-31-34-39-44-45-50-55- 65-68-69-70-77.

Wed. Hit 5: 10-13-15-24-29.

No winner. Next jackpot: $220,000.

Wed. Powerball: 20-25-26-45-46.

Power Ball: 15.

Wed. Wild Card: 4-7-9-11-31.

Wild Card: Q♣.

Wed. Montana Cash: 19-31-34-36-37.

Today in history

1519: Ferdinand Magellan and his crew set out from Spain on five ships on a voyage to find a western passage to the Spice Islands in Indonesia. (Magellan was killed en route, but one of his ships eventually circled the world.)

1857: Delhi, India, fell to British forces.

1870: Italian troops took over the Papal States, leading to the unification of Italy.

1962: Black student James Meredith was blocked from enrolling at the University of Mississippi by Gov. Ross R. Barnett. (Meredith was later admitted.)

1984: A suicide car bomber attacked the U.S. Embassy annex in north Beirut, killing a dozen people.


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