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Lottery numbers

Saturday’s Wash. Daily Game: 0-7-8.

Sat. Lotto: 4-21-31-36-41-45.

No winner. Next jackpot: $5.6 million.

Saturday’s Keno: 8-10-14-19-26- 30-33-35-37-38-39-40-51-54-56- 61-66-68-74-75.

Saturday’s Hit 5: 1-3-8-12-29.

No winner. Next jackpot: $100,000.

Sat. Powerball: 31-33-38-49-55.

Power Ball: 39.

Sat. Wild Card: 3-8-21-30-31.

Wild Card: A♠.

Sat. Montana Cash: 2-14-19-30-32.

Today in history

1938: A day after co-signing the Munich Agreement allowing Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain praised the accord on his return home, saying, “I believe it is peace for our time.”

1946: An international military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, found 22 top Nazi leaders guilty of war crimes.

1949: The Berlin Airlift came to an end.

1954: The first atomic-powered vessel, the submarine USS Nautilus, was commissioned by the Navy.

1962: Black student James Meredith was escorted by federal marshals to the campus of the University of Mississippi, where he enrolled the next day.


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