April 7, 2008 in Business

I was thinking of you … six months ago

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TJS Labs Gallery of Graphic Design photo

Good Housekeeping magazine ran this ad for Lucky Strike in its March 1935 issue.TJS Labs Gallery of Graphic Design
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Timemachiner is that inevitable Web option, the place to go to set up e-mail messages you want delivered sometime in the future.

It’s at timemachiner.com and it works a couple of different ways. You can use it as an online assistant; you can have it prompt you to take out the trash once every month.

Or it’s just a way to pre-write an e-mail to someone a month or a year from now, reminding them of how wonderful you really are.

Sites for readers

Literary types will like Bookslut.com primarily because it’s really all about writing. No social networking, no crybaby blogging about the state of literature or poetry. It has reviews, columns and author interviews.

As an alternative to actually reading a physical book, dailylit.com is a curious site that will send you daily e-mail portions of a book.

Some of dailylit’s titles cost to read; others – a nice large selection, in fact – are free. Might be useful if you ride a bus to and from work five days a week.

Gallery of Graphic Design

If you enjoyed the AMC cable TV series “Mad Men” (which goes into Season 2 later this spring) you’ll probably enjoy the Gallery of Graphic Design, at graphic-design.tjs- labs.com/index.php.

It’s both kitschy and cool, a collection of interesting, odd and wonderful print advertising developed between 1931 and 1963.

This archive seems to be compiled by folks with a loving admiration for American advertising back in the day when we really believed the messages Madison Avenue was selling.

New images are posted more or less daily. The ads are not copyrighted, which means you will likely see them reused across the Web on blogs and sites looking for something out of the ordinary.

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