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Weather Extremes

There were 193 weather records broken or tied in the United States during the week of March 30-April 5. Many of the extremes last week – 102 – were low temperature records. There were only 10 high temperature records. Precipitation extremes accounted for 37 records, including 20 snowfall records. On March 30, Montpelier, Vt., dipped to a chilly 7 degrees. There were a few low temperature extremes in the East, but most of the records were found in the West. On March 30, Stanley, Idaho, plunged to –19 degrees. On March 31, Boundary Dam, Wash., reported a record 12 degrees. On that same date, Winnemucca, Nev., recorded a low of 5 degrees.

Lows generally dropped into the teens, 20s and even a few 30s across much of the west on March 31 and April 1. But, Sheridan, Mont., had a frigid 1 degree and Meacham, Ore., had 5 degrees on April 1. Other chilly low temperature records included 12 degrees at Winchester, Idaho, on April 1. Marquette, Mich., dipped to 3 degrees on April 2. Seattle and Olympia dipped into the lower 30s last week breaking more low temperature records.

While the West Coast shivered, Texas and Florida noted some record highs. On March 30, Chidress, Texas, reported a record 93 degrees and Wichita Falls, Texas, observed a very warm 91 degrees. Naples, Fla., reported a record 91 degrees on March 31 and 89 degrees on April 1.

The colder air from the north and the warmer air to the south collided and resulted in very heavy rainfall in parts of the central United States. On March 30, 4 inches of moisture fell in Longview, Texas. More than 2 inches was recorded in Vichy-Rolla, Mo., on the same day. On April 3, Paducah, Ky., reported 3.51 inches of rain. On April 4, Greenville, Miss., observed 2.9 inches of moisture with 3.8 inches at Mobile, Ala.

Late-season snows were also observed in the Northwest last week. Wisdom and Townsend, Mont., had 2 inches of snow on March 30. LaCrosse, Wash., had 4 inches. St. Maries, Idaho, picked up 6.9 inches on March 31. Record snows also fell in Minnesota and Michigan. On March 31, 5 inches fell at St. Cloud, Minn., and 15.8 inches fell in Marquette, Mich.


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