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The Slice: Time to play a few rounds of Patriot Games

Commemorating the opening battle of the Revolutionary War, Monday is Patriot’s Day in a few places back East.

That particular conflict was never all that popular among 8-year-old combat re-enactors when I was a kid. Anachronism issues always surfaced.

A make-believe battle would be in progress when, suddenly, some idiot Red Coat would spontaneously invent the machine gun and the engagement would instantly disintegrate into a war of words.

“Looking ahead to Mother’s Day: The Today section needs the help of area women in putting together a story package for May 11.

Here’s how readers can contribute.

Write and submit a mini essay on the theme, “What my mother taught me about being a mom.”

Also, please share a family photo of you and your mother. E-mailing the pictures is best. But if you do send a snapshot in the traditional mail, be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Just use the contact information at the end of this column.

If you don’t have a photo, you can still send a written tribute.

The in-our-hands submission deadline is May 5. Be sure to include your daytime phone number.

“Ties with short-sleeve shirts — yes or no: “Only if you complete the look by wearing a plastic pocket-protector,” said one reader.

“Looks like mom is still dressing you for Sunday school,” wrote another.

“And oh what heights we’ll hit: I was e-mailing with a former colleague and alluded to some of this newspaper’s efforts to broaden its reach. She came up with an idea that might actually qualify as new: A Broadway-style show, “S-R: The Musical.”

Hmmm. Why not? Maybe no one would mind if we simply borrowed a few themes from successful plays or movies.

“Spoklahoma!” — Oh, the outdoors editor and the cow man can be friends.

“The Marmot King” — Delusional features columnist comes to believe he can converse with animals.

“An American in Athol” — Heroic Spokane newsman visits Idaho.

“The Phantom of the Press Room” — A mysterious guy who took early retirement refuses to go away.

“Les Copy Desk” — Night shift editors find love and snacks while plotting revolution.

“How to Succeed in the Sports Section Without Really Trying” — The Cinderella story of a kid out of nowhere.

“And here you thought he was a made-up character: A colleague perusing the public records in the S-R noted that someone named Ellery Queen was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

“This date in Slice history (1995): Acknowledging that her teacher’s instructions limited her, a precocious first grader discussed an assignment to write something about rabbits. “It has to be nonfiction,” she said.

“Today’s Slice question: I get it about why modern parents would discourage children from playing war. But why aren’t more of the same moms and dads troubled about violence-celebrating video games? At least the old-fashioned form of play involved getting some exercise.


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