Friends cups runneth all over in public

SATURDAY, AUG. 30, 2008

Berry Picker JeanieSpokane had one of those Larry Craig bathroom moments during her monthly dinner out with four close friends. Sans foot tapping, that is. Their conversations “are laced with gossip, sex, sagas, episodes, tears, laughter, and on into the night,” explains Jeanie. Recently, one of the sisters bragged that she’d paid for breast enhancement and then proudly offered sneak peeks in the women’s restroom to each of her friends. Heads turned, of course. People buzzed. And the sisterhood had a difficult time explaining that it wasn’t imitating Larry Craig. It didn’t end there. To commemorate the cup upgrade, Ms. Newly Endowed handed Jeanie a sack of her cast-off bras after settling down to eat. Jeanie fumbled the handoff. The bras spilled all over the floor. Jeanie: “So, here I am, blushing the color of a tomato, gathering up various ‘practical’ bras for someone who obviously doesn’t really have a use for them.” Betcha Sen. Craig never found himself in an embarrassing situation – quite like that.

Freshman Advice

At the prompting of three sibling bloggers who hail from the Silver Valley, Huckleberries commenters weighed in on a subject that’s poignant in late summer: What advice do you give college freshmen facing their first semester away from home? Silver Valley Girl wondered about that after dropping her “Princess” off at North Idaho College. Inland Empire Girl, her sister, responded with 10 suggestions, including: “When you are stressed, tired and overwhelmed and in doubt of what to do – go to class anyway.” And: “Remember – everyone who cares about you deeply is only a phone call or e-mail away 24-7.” And: “Be proud of what you have accomplished in the first chapter of your life.” HBO commenters added: “Make the most of your college years, they go quickly!” – JazzyVandal. “Take hard classes and be curious about topics in which you thought you’d have no interest” – Aliasjax. “Get to know who you are. … That’s the only thing you really get out of college anyway. The rest is just fluff” – Toadman. And finally: “Pace yourself – you can always get more beer” – IWantMyFoxTV. I think I’d listen to Auntie IEGirl.


For those keeping score (and Benewah County Demos who held a special election were), 168 youngsters cast ballots for their favorite animal at the county fair. And? Horses beat dogs, 26-17. Rounding out the Top 10, according to the St. Maries Gazette-Record were: Moose 10, elk 9, wolf 8, goat 7, and (four-way tie) rabbit, cat, cougar and llama, 6 apiece. So much for man’s best friend … After posting a photo of lovely “Dancing With The Stars” mainstay Julianne Hough (granddaughter of Bob and Colleen Hough of CdA) and herself on her OnLocation North Idaho blog, Post Falls Councilwoman Kerri Thoreson noted: “Avoid standing next to a beautiful blond 19-year-old when there are cameras around” … To which, Raymond Pert/Kellogg Bloggin’ responded: “I think Julianne Hough ought to make a note to herself not to stand next to the beautiful Kerri when cameras are around. Kerri looks fantastic in this picture and she is where my attention as a viewer goes.” Silver Valley-tongued devil … Now that the Northwest collection of special U.S. Mint quarters is complete, here’s how I rate them: 1. Alaska (mebbe best in the nation, with a grizzly in a stream chomping a fish), 2. Montana (cow skull), 3. Wyoming (bucking bronco), 4. Washington (Mount Rainier and a jumping fish), 5. Idaho (and that bird head), and 6. Oregon (A Crater Lake scenic? C’mon).

Parting shot

Opinion Editor Kevin Richert of the Idaho Statesman offered this take on the Duncan sentencing hearing: “Forcing a jury to face the depravity of Duncan – through days of explicit testimony, and graphic video evidence showing Duncan’s sexual abuse of Dylan Groene – serves no purpose in terms of justice. With no question as to Duncan’s guilt, the sole question before jurors was the sentence: death or life in prison, without the possibility of parole. This does not justify subjecting 15 decent people (12 jurors and three alternates) to a traumatic experience they didn’t deserve, any more than they deserve to be insulted by being referred to as Duncan’s peers.” Kevin opposes the death penalty. I favor it. But it’s hard to argue with his logic in this instance.

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