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Governor’s cuts a ruse

During Gov. Chris Gregoire’s campaign, she insisted that the state was not over budget. It seems really strange that she hasn’t even started her second term and we are all of a sudden $6 billion over budget.

Instead of cutting the Department of Education, Department of Transportation, closing state parks, cutting the state prison system by letting prisoners loose into society and limiting other essential services, why doesn’t she cut nonessential services such as the Department of Ecology, the Arts Commission, state welfare by only awarding payment to Washington state citizens and deporting the illegal aliens, and making the Department of Natural Resources run at a profit like it used to by properly maintaining the forests and selling timber? There are lots of other cuts they could make without cutting essential services.

By cutting the essential services, she is trying to make us happy to accept a raise in taxes or instituting an income tax by doing the cuts she is implementing and suggesting.

Hahn Bruce