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Primaries by state

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A state-by-state look at Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses with the number of delegates in parentheses. All are primaries unless otherwise indicated. WTA indicates winner take all.


(Dems: 52; GOP: 45)

Huckabee working hard to defeat McCain.

Large black population makes this fertile territory for Obama.

ALASKA (caucuses)

(Dems: 13; GOP: 26)

Romney making an effort. Ron Paul surprise?

Tilts toward Obama.


(Dems: 56; GOP: 53 WTA)

McCain poised to capture all 53 delegates in a home-state primary.

Hispanic voters are key. They have favored Clinton in early contests but Obama dispatched Sen. Edward M. Kennedy to help.


(Dems: 35; GOP: 31)

Huckabee’s home state.

Clinton was first lady of the state for a dozen years.


(Dems: 370; GOP: 170)

McCain counting on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s help in the state with the largest haul of delegates. Both he and Romney are advertising in a state with what amounts to 53 separate races in congressional districts, three delegates going to the winner in each.

Clinton has led in the polls for months. The Hispanic vote is key to delegates.

COLORADO (caucuses)

(Dems: 55; GOP: 43)

Romney making a play.

Edge for Obama.


(Dems: 48; GOP: 27 WTA)

McCain favored in winner-take-all primary.

Democratic battleground. Sen. Chris Dodd, an early race casualty, has not endorsed.


(Dems: 15; GOP: 18 WTA)

McCain favored in winner-take-all primary.

Democratic toss-up.


(Dems: 87; GOP: 72)

Huckabee, McCain and Romney plan weekend stops.

Obama should benefit from a large black population.


(Democratic caucuses: 18)

Obama favored, with Saturday stop in Boise.


(Dems: 153; GOP: 57)

Favors McCain. Delegate names are on the ballot.

Obama’s home state.


(Democratic caucuses: 32)

Obama favored.


(Dems: 93; GOP: 40)

Romney’s base awards delegates proportionally. McCain plans weekend stop.

Obama hopes support from Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. Edward Kennedy can overcome Clinton’s longtime lead.

MINNESOTA (caucuses)

(Dems: 72; GOP: 38)

McCain has support of Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Sen. Norm Coleman.

Obama hopes for victory.


(Dems: 72; GOP: 58 WTA)

Most competitive three-way Republican race of the night.

A Clinton-Obama tossup.


(GOP caucus: 25 WTA)

Romney tries for another western triumph after Nevada and Wyoming.


(Dems: 107; GOP: 52 WTA)

Winner-take-all state should be McCain’s.

New Yorker Clinton’s next-door neighbors.


(Democratic caucuses: 26)

Early dropout Gov. Bill Richardson has yet to endorse. Another Hispanic test for Obama.


(Dems: 232; GOP: 101 WTA)

McCain’s, with the help of Rudy Giuliani and large numbers of moderate Republicans.

Clinton’s home state. Obama hopes to win his share of delegates.

NORTH DAKOTA (caucuses)

(Dems: 13; GOP: 23)

Romney made late effort.

Obama favored, with the support of Sen. Kent Conrad.


(Dems: 38; GOP:38)

Three-way Republican tossup for McCain, Romney and Huckabee.

Clinton territory.


(Dems: 68; GOP:52)

McCain, Romney and Huckabee all making efforts.

Favors Clinton.


(Dems: 23; GOP: 36 WTA)

Heavy Mormon population makes it Romney’s.

Democratic tossup.


(GOP convention: 18 WTA)

Romney attending the convention in hopes of a win.

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