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This site is where it’s at

Want to totally get stuck for an hour (at least) working your way through an addictive Web puzzle?

Try this one, the Traveler IQ Challenge, a danged clever piece of widgetry that makes you wish you had paid more attention during your geography classes.

It’s at traveler-iq?40bf=eee8.

It was developed at handy TravelPod, a site worth visiting from time to time to get the wander juices flowing.

Simple to play, hard to master, the Traveler IQ challenges you to identify well-known travel destinations by clicking on a map of the world. You have to compete against the clock as well. If anyone reaches the top level, please let us know and give us your best score.

Web startup MOLI is out to solve the problem of how to manage the overlap between personal and professional social network sites.

Created by a U.S. firm but based in Ireland, MOLI is a network that lets a user set up diverse profiles and manage them for relative groups. The firm’s FAQ said that system provides a layer of privacy protection not found on sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Each user, of course, gets a customised home page. It also states a user faces no limit on the number of profiles, which are free with your first URL but further URLs cost $1.99 each.