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State-by-state roundup

Note: The number of delegates is in parentheses; WTA indicates winner takes all delegates.

ALASKA (caucuses; Democrats: 13; GOP: 26)

HEADLINE: Romney makes an effort. State tilts toward Obama, who triumphs.

ALABAMA (Democrats: 52; GOP: 45)

HEADLINE: Mike Huckabee wins on strong support from evangelical voters and Barack Obama captures black and young voters, according to exit poll data.

ARIZONA (Democrats: 56; GOP: 53, WTA)

HEADLINE: McCain wins his home-state primary, exit polls show.

ARKANSAS (Democrats: 35; GOP: 31)

HEADLINE: Huckabee and Hillary Rodham Clinton use their strong ties to the state to win victories, exit poll data shows.

CALIFORNIA (Democrats: 370; GOP: 170)

HEADLINE: Clinton wins, according to exit polls, after leading in the state for months.

COLORADO (caucuses; Democrats: 55; GOP: 43)

HEADLINE: Romney and Obama score overwhelming victories with most precincts reporting.

CONNECTICUT (Democrats: 48; GOP: 27 WTA)

HEADLINE: John McCain wins as voters show a preference for an independent-minded candidate; Obama wins Democratic primary in a state once thought to be a Clinton stronghold, exit poll data shows.

DELAWARE (Democrats: 15; GOP: 18, WTA)

HEADLINE: It’s McCain in the winner-take all primary, while Barack Obama takes the Democratic race.

GEORGIA (Democrats: 87; GOP: 72)

HEADLINE: Mainline conservatives and evangelicals go with Huckabee and Obama benefits from the large black population, according to exit poll data.

IDAHO: (Democratic caucuses: 18)

HEADLINE: Obama wins in landslide.

ILLINOIS (Democrats: 153; GOP: 57)

HEADLINE: Obama takes his home state while McCain wins on the Republican side, according to exit poll data.

OTHER DECISIONS: GOP voters nominate candidates to replace Rep. Dennis Hastert and the retiring Rep. Jerry Weller. Democrat Rep. Dan Lipinski fights off three challengers.

KANSAS (Democratic caucuses only: 32)

HEADLINE: Crowds overwhelm some caucus sites with exit polls showing Obama rolling to an easy victory in the state of his mother’s birth.

MASSACHUSETTS (Democrats: 93; GOP: 40)

HEADLINE: Mitt Romney has enough good will left among fellow Republicans to carry his home state, and Clinton takes the Democratic race with the help of state lawmakers, according to exit poll data.

MINNESOTA (caucuses; Democrats: 72; GOP: 38)

HEADLINE: Obama’s appeal to young voters gets him caucus victory while Romney eases past McCain, exit polls show.

MISSOURI (Democrats: 72; GOP: 58, WTA)

HEADLINE: Democratic primary is too close to call with almost all precincts reporting.

MONTANA (GOP caucus: 25, WTA)

HEADLINE: Romney takes all 25 delegates in an easy victory as the only GOP candidate to visit the state.

NEW JERSEY (Democrats: 107; GOP: 52 WTA)

HEADLINE: McCain takes the state’s 52 delegates on the support of GOP moderates and by seizing on an early exit by the one-time favorite, Rudy Giuliani. Clinton wins Democratic primary, according to exit poll data.

NEW MEXICO (Democratic caucuses: 26)

HEADLINE: An early dropout, Gov. Bill Richardson has yet to endorse. Another Hispanic test for Obama. After polls closed, race was too close to call.

NEW YORK (Democrats: 232; GOP: 101 WTA)

HEADLINE: Clinton easily wins her home state, while McCain takes the GOP primary and 101 delegates, exit poll data shows.

NORTH DAKOTA (caucuses; Democrats: 13; GOP: 23)

HEADLINE: Romney wins, as does Obama, aided by good turnout and the support of Sen. Kent Conrad, exit polls show.

OKLAHOMA (Democrats: 38; GOP: 38)

HEADLINE: Hillary Rodham Clinton coasts to victory, while McCain just edges past Huckabee. according to exit poll data.

TENNESSEE (Democrats: 68; GOP: 52)

HEADLINE: Huckabee wins tight race as Clinton gets boost from heavy turnout of women, exit polls show.

UTAH (Democrats: 23; GOP: 36, WTA)

HEADLINE: Heavy Mormon population makes it Romney’s win, while voters who identify themselves as independent help Obama take the Democratic primary, according to exit polls.

WEST VIRGINIA (GOP state convention: 18, WTA)

HEADLINE: Mike Huckabee wins all 18 delegates as backers of McCain threw him their support to prevent Romney from capturing the winner-take-all GOP state vote.


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