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Family salsa recipe hot, hot, hot

Juanita Carmack sometimes dreams she’s the owner of a booming business with headquarters in a big-city high rise. In the beginning, the Rathdrum woman had to visualize success to get her going when all she had was a computer and a file box. And a dyne-oh!-mite recipe for salsa. How good is her recipe? Juanita and Taco Chic Salsa, with its trademark woman in a sombrero on a motorcycle, are featured in the entrepreneur section of Country Living’s March edition. She told Country Living: “I’d been making salsa for years, using my great-grandmother’s recipe. And people kept telling me I should bottle it. After awhile, I figured they might be onto something.” So, Juanita took classes to learn the bottling process and practiced making salsa for six months in her kitchen. She loaded her first batch into the trunk of her car to sell to local stores and then sat paralyzed with fear for two hours in her driveway. “I couldn’t believe anyone would like my salsa!” she told the popular mag. She received an order for three cases at her first stop. She sold her entire first batch in one day. And the rest is her-story.

Haugen Joins SR

In the “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” Dept., SR editor Steve Smith has hired ex-KVNI news director Dick Haugen to help get the paper into the radio/WWWeb simulcast biz this spring. Dick will team with ex-KGA program/news director Dan Mitchinson on daily newscasts and produce other features. Sez Smith: “I’m hoping we might develop something specifically for North Idaho readers/listeners.” Haugen, of course, worked as the “Voice of North Idaho” for 16 years at KVNI before getting unceremoniously pink-slipped by parent company KXLY during the Christmas holidays 2006. For the last year, he was a newscaster/talk show host at KGA. Sez Smith of the SR’s radio/WWWeb experiment in his News Is A Conversation blog: “this is … an opportunity to take the fine journalism produced by our newsroom and leverage it into a fresh (for us) medium. If all goes well, I can see us developing more radio and even TV-style programming with a growing professional staff.” Stay tuned.


My brother, Ray, who makes round-trip deliveries from Frito-Lay’s center in the Spokane Valley to Moscow/Pullman/Lewiston four times a week, explained why he faced harrowing road conditions during Snow Storm ‘08 to do his job when the mail didn’t always get through. Sez Frito Ray: “You can’t eat a letter on Super Bowl Sunday” … Poet’s Corner: In a haiku to celebrate our slick roads, Sue Turner/Tumblewords writes: “red light approach/bottle-smooth black ice/deferred stop … In the “Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures” Dept., Berry Picker “Ciaobino” turned to his pantry when he ran out of Ice Away. His friendly mail carrier was surprised later in the day to be greeted by the pungent aroma of Tony Chachere’s Famous Creole Seasoning. Hey, the directions on the canister say: “Use it like salt.”

Parting Shot

D.J. Nall/Hauser Thoughts learned the hard way that Kraig Duncan of Duncan Marine/Post Falls is a swell guy. Last week, D.J. and her granddaughter were inching along Seltice Way at 20 mph in a 45 mph zone when a light changed. She throttled down to 5 mph, only to discover her brakes were worthless on the slick street, and bumped into the back of Duncan’s rig. They pulled over into a side street and exchanged insurance info. Kraig had to write down D.J.’s name and phone number because she was too shaken to do so. She described his manner as “sweet.” Later, she learned from her insurance company that Kraig did something sweeter still. He wasn’t going to get the little dent in his tailgate fixed. So D.J. was off the hook, although she can’t wait for this “winter from hell” to end.