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Refs biased against Zags

Why have we allowed poor refereeing to ruin basketball? Why is no one allowed to adjudicate their judgment or bias actions?

After watching the Saint Mary’s-Gonzaga conference game, you will witness bias refereeing at its most obvious. The coach or players can’t utter words of disagreement. Only when it is embarrassingly obvious will the broadcasters speak up as to officials failing or inventive eyesight. Without any critiquing, the referee association has become an untouchable deity.

They obviously do not all have to meet any level of ability, knowledge or honesty. Most are out of shape and make erroneous calls from behind the play because they can’t keep up. They need to referee without the whistle in their mouth and think about it before they breathe through it.

The three-man officiating system does not work. It just means there is another sight-handicapped person to lead off the floor at the end of the game. It is the bias judgment calls against Gonzaga that drive me crazy. Phantom calls, obvious “no calls,” out-of-position whistles, with a bias intent. It is so out of hand, we can only expect (David) Pendergraft will get a foul called on him in warm-ups.

I have to respect coach Mark Few’s silence, as I know he would love to defend his team from this abuse.

Basketball needs a system for refereeing challenges, review and the review of officials’ performance. It is beginning to look as if they may have a monetary agenda. Unfair refereeing could become the newest form of gambling point shaving. Maybe only money could possibly affect their judgment that radically. If not, then it’s just bias, stupidity or lack of ability.

Larry L. Snyder



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