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The Slice: When the snow flies, fat cats run in the family

Sun., Feb. 10, 2008

One largely unreported result of our recent weather is that many Spokane-area cats have put on weight.

A case could be made that it’s not a good idea for domestic felines to go outside, ever. But those that are accustomed to doing so – and have been unable to lately – apparently have turned to the food bowl for solace.

“Ideas for the next winter-themed Slice contest: “How about deepest puddle?” – Shannon Forbes

“Photos of the most ridiculous ways people have gotten vehicles stuck in the snow.” – Bill Brock

Come up with a name for the permafrost formations on streets that make driving a challenge: Road moguls? – Keri Yirak

“Pictures of flooded basements.” – Steve Haynes

“Here’s your chance to play Howard Beale: A reader named Teri in Sandpoint was watching 1976’s “Network” – part of the TCM channel’s monthlong parade of movies that won Oscars. She was surprised to hear a passing reference to Spokane.

The whole line is “I’ve got a guru from Spokane and two more hellfires who see visions of the Virgin Mary.”

But fans of “Network” know that isn’t the line from that prescient film that people remember.

If you know what I’m talking about and want to prove it, call The Slice and perform that famous catch phrase on my phonemail. You just might win a coveted reporter’s notebook.

“Speaking of movies: It’s always fun to localize the titles of the “Best Picture” nominees. I’ll start.

“There Will Be Casserole.”

“No Country For Old Roofs.”

“Slice answer: Coeur d’Alene’s Diane Melchiore said maneuvering around tall mounds of snow in parking lots makes her feel “Like the ball in a giant Snow Challenge pinball game.”

“OK, my turn: We’ve heard from several readers about their favorite buildings in downtown Spokane. It’s not too late to share your list.

But here’s one of mine: The Old National Bank Building on Riverside.

I admire it more each year.

Classically great looking, it is solid, substantial and elegant in an understated way. It’s winning without being fussy – sort of like Spokane.

I’ve always thought of it as a sturdy symbol of who we are or at least aspire to be.

Sometimes when I peer up at the ONB building, I imagine it being home long ago to all sorts of film noir-esque intrigues

And it has always been a comfort to know it has such handsome partners just across the street. I wonder what they say to each other after all the people have gone home.

“Today’s Slice question: Which of your possessions prompts people to say, “I can’t believe you still use that thing”?


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