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Lane Bryant killer’s voice heard on call

Wed., Feb. 27, 2008

TINLEY PARK, Ill. – Police have released 37 seconds of a 911 call made from a suburban Chicago Lane Bryant store, hoping someone will recognize the voice of the man who shot to death five women during a botched robbery.

Tinley Park Police Commander Rick Bruno said the call released Monday was edited to isolate the killer’s voice.

Only snippets of a man’s voice can be heard during the 37-second recording. Most of the phrases are difficult to decipher, but at one point it sounds like the man says “I’m losing it” and “foolishness.”

“We request the media refrain from enhancing the audio for clarity purposes, as this may distort the voice of the offender,” Bruno said in a statement.

Authorities released another 15 seconds of the 911 call earlier this month.

In that segment, store manager Rhoda McFarland, 42, called from her cell phone moments before being killed. She whispered the name of the store, its location and told the dispatcher to hurry.

“Lane Bryant,” McFarland whispers to the dispatcher.

“Where at?” the female dispatcher asks.

“Tinley Park,” McFarland replies. “Hurry.”

“Stay on the line. Stay on the line,” the dispatcher instructs. “Don’t hang up.”

Then the phone goes dead.


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