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Weather Extremes

For the week of Dec. 23 through 29, there were 72 weather records tied or broken. Since Jan. 1, 2007, the number of extremes in the U.S. was slightly less than 10,200. Nearly 61 percent of the weather records broken or tied were high temperature and high minimum temperature. Cold records, which included record low and low maximum temperature extremes, accounted for 19.4 percent. Precipitation and snowfall records were slightly higher at 19.7 percent for 2007.

Last week, there were more low temperature records (22) than high temperature extremes (9). At the Grand Canyon North Rim, readings dropped to zero Wednesday and to 8 below zero on Friday. Very cold weather was observed down into Texas as San Angelo reported a record low of 17 on Thursday. The coldest reading last week was found at Alamosa, Colo., as the mercury plunged to 33 below zero on Friday.

Four of the nine high temperature records were in Florida. Miami soared to a record-tying 83 on Friday. It was 84 in Orlando on Saturday. On Dec. 24, Santa Barbara, Calif., reported a high of 80.

On Dec. 23, a record 1.51 inches of rain fell at Atlantic City, N.J. Williamsport, Pa., measured a record 1.35 inches the same day. On Friday, Colville observed a record 0.76 inches of moisture.

There were 12 new snowfall records last week. On Dec. 23, Plain, Wash., reported 14 inches of snow, doubling the previous record. On Wednesday, Colville observed 7.6 inches of snow. In Kodiak, Alaska, a record 14.7 inches of snow was observed.


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