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Latest tune pays tribute to life of crime

Today, at no additional charge, I’m treating you to a musical Double Release Celebration.

And by “Double Release” I mean:

1. The latest prison release of Eddie Ray Hall, and …

2. The first recorded release of the song I wrote to immortalize his outlaw ways.

(Hear “The Ballad of Eddie Ray Hall” right now at

Hall has racked up 40-plus arrests and 10 felony convictions during his career. Years ago, it was estimated that Hall had cost the judicial system over a million bucks.

I penned and published the ballad in the fall of 2004 after the career burglar got out of the slammer.

But I never recorded it until a month or so ago, when I started putting together a CD album of my parody songs.

As always, this was done at Spokane’s Cue11, where company president Dave Cebert has an open-microphone policy to Clark crooning.

Joe Brasch, my buddy and bandmate, performed the production duties. Al Harrison, of Northwest Entertainment Karaoke, supplied the soundtrack.

The song is sung to Johnny Cash’s famed “I Walk the Line.”

It turned out so catchy I’m betting even Eddie Ray will dig it. (Hey, what desperado wouldn’t want his own ballad?)

So you can sing along with the lyrics here.

Or, even better, go to the Web site and hear the song in all its twang-laced glory.

The Ballad of Eddie Ray Hall

I keep my eyes glued on this stuff of mine.

Ever since I heard he’d done his time.

Get ready for a tidal wave of crime.

Back out this fall – Eddie Ray Hall.

In the Valley everybody knows his name.

He’s a shoo-in for the Felon’s Hall of Fame.

When something’s missing, cops know who to blame.

One crook stands tall – Eddie Ray Hall.

If you come home and find your door ajar.

Best not poke your head in very far.

Or you just might feel the crunch of a crowbar.

You’ll crawl and crawl – Eddie Ray Hall.

He’d take the motor off your motor boat.

He’d take your piggy bank and mamma’s new fur coat.

He’d snatch the whiskers off a Billy goat.

He’ll steal it all – Eddie Ray Hall.

He was first arrested when he was 16.

It’s no mystery as to what made Eddie mean.

Heroin. Methamphetamines.

And alcohol – Eddie Ray Hall.

While breaking into a store he nearly died.

A gunman put five holes in Eddie’s hide.

It could have been The End, but he survived.

A close, close call – Eddie Ray Hall.

So lock him up and throw away the key.

Before he pulls another larceny.

He’s a menace to society.

Incorrigible – Eddie Ray Hall.

He’s back this fall – Eddie Ray Hall.