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The Slice: She’s giving new meaning to food having shelf life

Sat., Jan. 26, 2008

Slice reader Sue Robinson found a new mission for those “Hello! My name is ______” stickers.

She uses them to label leftovers and random items in the refrigerator.

“It makes me smile every time I look in the fridge and see shelf on shelf of friendly greetings.”

You know. “Hello! My name is chicken enchiladas.” “Hello! My name is grated cheese.”

Speaking of Sue Robinson: She wonders if there are others who take pleasure in vigorously ripping up inserts to the Sunday newspaper from stores where they have been treated badly.

Literary geography: Kate Brooks of Spokane mentioned coming across a novel some time ago in which Boise was characterized as being close to Priest Lake.

By that proximity standard, Spokane really could be considered a Seattle suburb.

Breaking news: “One of our local television stations this evening just showed us that water left out in a small plastic cup in very, very cold weather will freeze,” wrote Jim Malm on Tuesday.

He wondered if the newspaper might be planning a similar feature.

Hmmm. That’s a thought. Maybe the S-R Web site could do something.

You know, one of my colleagues told me that just the other morning while driving to work she saw a naked man jogging toward an alleyway. He did not appear to be in any obvious distress, she said.

So maybe we could podcast a “Frostbite Me” experiment starring January streakers.

Just imagine. “Yikes, Bob, I think you’re freezing up there. Better put a scarf or muff or something on that.”

No, Spokane isn’t a big city: But it’s still possible to have experiences here that feel “urban.”

One of them is timing your walk to the STA Plaza so perfectly that you board your bus 15 seconds before it pulls out.

(Not to be confused with loitering and smoking with your loser friends until the driver closes the door and starts to leave and only then belligerently demanding to be let on.)

That means 53 feet, not 1953: Tom Emerson Jr. of Post Falls was looking at a paper cup from a local drive-through restaurant when he noticed that it said, “Since 53’ ” right there on the outside of the cup.

He wanted to nominate it for a Misplaced Apostrophe Award.

Warm-up questions: How many Spokane area residents have family or friends on the West Side who still refer to the Ingrown Empire? Have you encouraged them to come up with new material?

Today’s Slice question: If you had to guess, what percentage of Spokane area residents know someone who has been in jail?


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