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Search idea will catch your eye

Mon., Jan. 28, 2008

If you like search results in a varied and visually interesting manner, we’d suggest trying Tafiti, a cool new site designed by Microsoft. To use it you have to download the Silverlight Web video tool developed by MS. Then you simply log on to Tafiti and do a search.

After a search is started, a left side panel opens with five icon options, orbiting like moons around a planet. The icons refer to RSS feeds, Web results, news results, Halo-related items and images. Clicking each icon produces a sub-group of your original search.

That alone is cool. But the search page also has a right-side area, called the Shelf.

The shelf is the place one can store associated search results, such as the things you want to retain from a particular query or set of queries. You have to sign in with a free Tafiti account in order to “stack” shelf results and have them available for future reference.

The site FAQ says Tafiti also allows the use of Live Search macros. Live Search macros are customized search options that use only certain domains or sites for results. If you only wanted to search newspapers in the United Kingdom, that could be developed into a search macro.

Nice layout, fairly simple arrangement of results. This is worth continued testing.


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