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Wee ones and weddings

Mon., July 14, 2008, midnight

From the Parents Council blog this week:

“Barry Long, a wedding planner for more than three decades, was recently interviewed by the BBC for a story, ‘Should children be banned from weddings?’ He said children are no longer allowed at many weddings.

“ ‘It’s definitely become more prevalent. We do more than 200 weddings a year and the last seven were all saying “no children,” ’ he said. ‘I think it’s because children are more disruptive than they used to be and brides are worried they will ruin their day.’

“What’s the policy at the weddings you’ve attended lately? Kids? No kids? Only kids of a certain age? Did you allow children at your own wedding?”

– Posted by Virginia de Leon

“A wedding is a celebration of life, and in my mind should include families if the parents want to bring their kids. I think it’s incumbent on the parents to do their best to make sure their kids don’t disrupt the event. But some of the best weddings I’ve been to in recent years include all generations having fun together.”

– Posted by Addy

“A wedding is an invitation event, and it is the right of the couple and their parents to decide exactly who should be invited. If children are wanted at the event they will be invited by including either ‘and family’ or the names of the individual children on the inside envelope. It is completely inappropriate to bring children who were not specifically invited just because a guest decides it is a family event, or they don’t want to hire a baby sitter, or to assume that children will be automatically welcome.”

– Posted by Betsy

“I see a middle ground for people who want to include children but don’t want to take the chance of having a poorly behaved kid ruin the ceremony. Invite young children, but have an activity for them in a separate room during the ceremony. Frankly most kids would be bored with the whole exchanging vows thing anyway. Then they can be included in the fun part – the reception.”

– Posted by Amy

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