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Inland Northwest Community Foundation announces scholarship winners

Fri., July 18, 2008, midnight

The Inland Northwest Community Foundation recently awarded scholarships to local students. Students are listed by their high schools.

Central Valley High School: Ashley Johnson, $1,400 East Spokane Kiwanis Scholarship; Kayla Lockhart, $1,400 East Spokane Kiwanis Scholarship.

Colfax High School: Gabriel Aeschliman, $1,000 Clarence Hines Scholarship; Kendayle Anderson, $1,000 Melvin and Josephine Ripley/Francis and Sabina Schreiber Scholarships; Amber Broeckel, $1,000 Melvin and Josephine Ripley/Francis and Sabina Schreiber Scholarships; Levi Ellis, $1,000 Melvin and Josephine Ripley/Francis and Sabina Schreiber Scholarships; Stephanie Harder, $1,000 Clarence Hines Scholarship; Hannah May, $1,000 Clarence Hines Scholarship; Heidi Morgan, $1,000 Clarence Hines Scholarship and $1,000 Melvin and Josephine Ripley/Francis and Sabina Schreiber Scholarships; Sarah Morgan, $1,000 Melvin and Josephine Ripley/Francis and Sabina Schreiber Scholarships; Geraldine Steiger, $1,000 Clarence Hines Scholarship.

Columbia High School: Martin St. John, $1,500 Bess Mikalson Scholarship.

Colville High School: Layna Bennehoff, $1,500 Bess Mikalson Scholarship; Carly Gauche, $1,500 Bess Mikalson Scholarship.

Curlew High School: Mackenzie Wilson, $1,500 Bess Mikalson Scholarship.

Davenport High School: Jonelle Overmyer, $1,200 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Kelly Rosman, $750 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship.

Deer Park High School: Lindsey Bekemeyer, $2,500 G.A. “Bill” Garske Scholarship.

East Valley High School: Morgan Dunning, $500 Lucille I. Hudon Scholarship; Jonathan Olson, $900 Kuehnle Family Scholarship; Haley Orwick, $1,200 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Hilary Payne, $900 Kuehnle Family Scholarship; Brian Reidy, $900 Kuehnle Family Scholarship; David Sieck, $450 Kuehnle Family Scholarship.

Freeman High School: Collin Deel, $6,000 Ren H. Rice Scholarship.

Harrington High School: Ryan Alumbaugh, $500 Lucille I. Hudon Scholarship.

Jenkins High School: Owen Biancardi, $1,500 Bess Mikalson Scholarship; Nathan Hayman, $1,000 Bess Mikalson Scholarship.

Kettle Falls High School: Stephanie Simmons, $1,500 Bess Mikalson Scholarship; Marie Smith, $1,900 Eileen Hutchison Scholarship.

LaCrosse High School: Kyla Dainty, $1,000 David L. and Frances G. Ray Scholarship.

Lakeside High School: Loreah Winlow, $2,000 Eileen Hutchison Scholarship.

Lewis and Clark High School: Logan Amstadter, $1,000 F. Neal Bock Scholarship.

Liberty High School: Lane Salsbury, $1,000 Joe and June Fulton Liberty High School Scholarship.

Medical Lake High School: Max Nelson, $1,500 Lucille I. Hudon Scholarship.

North Central High School: Elisa Romaneschi, $500 Lucille I. Hudon Scholarship.

The Oaks Academy: Brittney Dietrich, $1,200 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship.

Pullman High School: Rebecca Hawbaker, $1,229 Fred A. Keller Scholarship.

Reardan High School: Lauren Adkins, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Alixandria Blake, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Alyssa Boekel, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Kyle Carstens, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Mathew Carstens, $750 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Chris Goodson, $750 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Jaime Haden, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Ashtin Jeney, $750 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship and $500 Lucille I. Hudon Scholarship; Melinda Leavitt, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Kevin Lehman, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Tyler Moos, $750 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship; Shawna Vincent, $533 Dale Wilson/Mondovi Grange Scholarship.

More scholarship recipients will appear in an upcoming Achievements column.


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