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Japanese version of iPhone has anti-peeping function

The latest Japanese version of the iPhone 3G has something that hasn’t been added to versions in the United States or Europe.

To discourage users from engaging in “upskirt” photos with the device, Apple has installed a loud shutter sound on the Japanese version of its popular phone, making it more difficult for users to take pictures unnoticed.

The shutter sound is triggered even when the phone is set to silent mode.

According to Web site Cult of Mac , the anti-upskirt feature is common on the country’s various cell phone models. Many phones in the country make a similar shutter sound or say “cheese” when a photo is snapped.

Ancient biblical text goes online

More than 1,600 years after it was written in Greek, one of the oldest copies of the Bible is now accessible online for the first time.

Sections of the Codex Sinaiticus, which contains the oldest complete New Testament, will be available on the Internet, said the University of Leipzig, one of the four curators of the ancient text worldwide. High resolution images of the Gospel of Mark, several Old Testament books, and notes on the work made over centuries will appear on as a first step toward publishing the entire manuscript online by next July.

Dating from around 350, the document is believed to be the oldest known copy of the Bible, along with the Codex Vaticanus, another ancient version of the Bible.

Mixed Nuts — For those times when you have to leave a message for someone and don’t want them to pick up, there’s Slydial. If you fear an awkward conversation or embarrassing discussion about something, Slydial lets you call another person’s mobile phone.

It instantly puts your call into their voicemail, where you can record a message and slink off in peace. — One of the simplest Web sites ever built. Meant to answer that occasional question: Is some site really down or is the problem on my end?

The site has nothing more than a small URL box on a blank white page. Plug in any URL and it tells you if it’s down or not. That’s all it does, folks.

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