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Weather Extremes

For the week of June 1-7, there were 255 weather records broken or tied. Most extremes were warm records with 92 high temperature and 96 high minimum temperature records.

Most of the high temperature extremes were found in the southern U.S., the Mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast. Readings topped 100 degrees in Texas. On June 1, El Paso soared to 103 degrees. It was 102 at Childress. On the 2nd, Borger, Texas, reported 107 degrees. It was a record 105 degrees at Dalhart. Childress, Texas, sizzled with a 110 degree reading. Wichita Falls, Texas, reported 102 degrees.

Toward the end of the week, the heat moved eastward. On June 5, Florence, S.C., had a record 96 degrees. Raleigh-Durham, N.C., hit 99 degrees on the 6th. Norfolk, Va., measured 101 degrees on the 7th, and Williamsport, Pa., had 96 degrees. Georgetown, Del., on June 7, smashed its record high with 97 degrees.

The heatwave in the South led to record warm minimum temperatures. Many stations in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and the Carolinas reported morning low temperatures mostly in the 70s and low 80s. On June 4, Galveston, Texas, had a morning low of 81 degrees.

Record low temperatures were found mostly in the West. But Dalhart, Texas, reported a record-tying 43 degrees on June 6. On June 2, Dalhart was 105 degrees. On June 1, the Grand Canyon hit 27 degrees. It was 32 degrees at Cedar City, Utah, on the 4th. Even Hilo, Hawaii, cooled to a record-tying 63 degrees. It was 47 degrees on June 6 in Seattle.

Heavy rains in the Midwest have led to widespread flooding. On June 3, Springfield, Ill., reported 4.71 inches of rain. Grand Island, Neb., measured 3.59 inches on the 4th. On the 5th, Des Moines, Iowa, picked up a record 4.15 inches. On June 7, Milwaukee, Wis., had 4.93 inches of rain. Seattle had 1.23 inches of rain on June 3.


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