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Mon., June 23, 2008

Spokane writer Terry Bain has an idea.

In the spirit of these sponsorship-seeking times, he wondered if Spokane might want to make some money by selling the naming rights to the city.

That’s right, the entire city.

“We could be known as Budweiser Spokane,” he wrote.

Our nickname might become “Bud ‘Kan.”

That’s an interesting notion. But something tells me certain residents would prefer a more family-oriented sponsor.

How does Huggies Spokane sound?

Or what about YoBaby Yogurt Spokane?

Evenflo Sippy Cups Spokane?

Bugaboo Baby Strollers Spokane?

Hello Kitty Spokane?

Baby Wipes Spokane?

OK, your turn.

Paul Turner


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