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In their words

“It was the worst bureaucrat-supporting-bureaucrat process I’ve ever seen.”

– Washington state Rep. Lynn Kessler, D-Hoquiam, during an interview on TVW about the pressure from local government lobbyists to defeat a bill she sponsored requiring government bodies to make audio recordings of their closed-door executive sessions.

“We’re going to face some ugly choices, and it’s going to start looking like our neighbors to the west.”

– Spokane Valley Mayor Rich Munson, saying his municipality, which lies just east of the city of Spokane, needs to come up with more money to pay for street maintenance.

“I know this’ll be tougher than the Broadway Softball League, but I’m looking forward to helping the younger players, which by the way is all of them.”

– Comedian and actor Billy Crystal, thanking the New York Yankees for giving him a chance to suit up for a minor league baseball team and play in a spring training game on the day before his 60th birthday.

“I am selfish. I am not willing to do this.”

– Washington state Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax, explaining why he opposed prospective legislation that would create pressure on local planners to require more people to live in denser communities.

“It’s kind of a waste of my time.”

– North Central High School sophomore Greg Shintani, who showed up at school at the usual time during testing week, even though he could have gone in late, having passed the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, or WASL, as a freshman.

“They knew I was going for days without eating or sleeping. I would pass out at the tables. They had a duty of care to me. Nobody in their right mind would gamble for four or five straight days without sleeping.”

– Former lawyer and TV commentator Arelia Margarita Taveras, who has filed a $20 million federal racketeering lawsuit against six Atlantic City casinos, saying they’re to blame for letting her gambling addiction get out of control.

“It was easier, frankly, to find hard liquor on a hot summer day than it was to find ice cream.”

– Washington state Rep. Brendan Williams, D-Olympia, saying a bill to allow grocery stores to distribute free samples of beer and wine is no more threatening to family values than many popular public attractions where alcohol is already served, such as the Idaho theme park where he took his 5-year-old last summer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if his opponent can support him – I’m supporting him with all my heart – he’ll do a tremendous job.”

– Washington state Sen. Bob McCaslin, a Spokane Valley Republican, speaking on the Senate floor in support of confirming his one-time Democratic challenger, George Orr, as a member of the state Fish and Wildlife Commission.


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