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Mon., May 26, 2008

In their words

“The public voted for a board of directors, a mayor and a council. I do believe we have been charged to make these decisions.”

– Coeur d’Alene Mayor Sandi Bloem, supporting North Idaho College leaders’ authority to buy, without first going to the voters, a former mill site to be developed into a long-discussed education corridor.

“Eventually, they’re going to say, ‘This is dumb. … It’s time to scrap the policy.’ “

– Attorney James Lobsenz, whose client, former Air Force Maj. Margaret Witt, went to court to challenge the Pentagon’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that’s intended to prevent acknowledged gays and lesbians

such as her from serving in the U.S. armed forces.

“It’s like a war zone going on right now over grease.”

– San Francisco grease hauler David Levenson, describing a rising trend in thefts from restaurants of used cooking oil that can be converted into biodiesel fuel for motor vehicles.

“He was just a parent this morning.”

– East Valley School District spokeswoman Judi Christianson, explaining that EV board member Michael E. Harris was not on official business last Monday when his car struck the back of a bicycle that a first-grader was riding through a crosswalk near where Harris was dropping off his own child.

“Next year, it’ll be even more expensive just to stay home and make burgers.”

– Food policy expert Carol Tucker-Foreman of the Consumer Federation of America, explaining that the same rising fuel costs that make traveling for the Memorial Day weekend prohibitively costly for many families also drive up the price of everyday foods and supplies associated with backyard barbecues.

“If I didn’t, it would probably be my editor’s first question when I got back.”

– Ogden Standard-Examiner photographer Ryan McGeeney, explaining why he took a picture of others tending his injury after being speared through the leg by a javelin while covering a Utah high school track and field competition.

“If we had known this Iraqi thing was coming along, we would have waited.”

Myrtle Sherburn, past president of the Spokane Chapter of Gold Star Mothers, a support group for parents of service members killed in military conflict, speaking about the local group’s decision to dissolve several years ago.

“This is a great day for Texas justice.”

– Legal Aid attorney Julie Balovich, representing some of the parents involved in an appeals court ruling that 440 children taken from a West Texas polygamist compound must be released to their families.

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