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E-collars not answer

I read with interest the Oct. 5 (Outdoors) article on the use of electronic collars on Nellie, the unruly black lab pup (“Technology helps collar …”).

There was a lot of good information in the article on dog training. Yes, timing of the “correction” is critical. Yes, e-collars do work.

For those trying to modify your diet to eat healthier, I would suggest you wear an e-collar and have a loved one give you a jolt every time you reach for chocolate cake instead of broccoli. I am sure you, too, will soon modify your behavior for the good.

Oops, I guess it is considered inhumane to shock humans. Funny how the same method, when used on dogs, is called “training.”

Dogs can quickly learn to sit in place of jumping up when greeting people by using positive, reward-based training methods. The key is the skill of the person training the dog.

I would encourage dog owners to search for dog trainers who can teach them humane dog-training methods that work, rather than resorting to the use of electronic devices. E-collars and fences do hurt, otherwise they wouldn’t work. Is that what you really want for your dog?

Elin Zander



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